Hp is a very renowned computer and electronics brand, hp printer support is also available for all the printer and as well as computer that it manufactures, Hewlett Packard is a very pivotal brand that has been continuously achieving milestones in the field of computing and information technology. The major electronics equipment that hp manufactures includes printers, computers all in ones and other major industrial electronics goods. One of the most selling electronics items sold by hp are its computers and printers. Printers alone makes about 60% of its total annual sales.


Hp computers are the most selling and one of the most prominent brands of personal computers int the world. Hp manufactures a wide variety of computers that ranges from simple hp envy to high end hp spectre with cutting edge technology. Hp computers are equipped with all the latest technologies. It has one of the best integrated operating system(i.e, provided by windows). Hp computers are one of the highly used computers across the third world countries like china, india and other developing economies.


Hp computers also come with huge variations in terms of processing speed, chip size etc. Hp also manufactures all in one computers that are also used as home computers across different parts of the world, hp computers have all the basic functionalities that a user demands in a personal computer. Any computer that provides all such functionalities should be expensive, but Hp provides these computers at a very affordable price range.


Although computers comes with a warranty support program and the customer care ensures that customers problem is taken care of, but soon after the warranty expires, Hp charges its customers for any fix or repair that it may provide. I such scenarios you can call us on our toll free number to fix basic and complicated software and hardware issues with your Hp computer.


Some of the commonly faced issues by a user while using Hp computers are:

  1. No Boot
  2. Blue Screen Error
  3. Black Screen Error
  4. Grey Screen Error
  5. Windows Loading Error
  6. S.O.D (Blue screen of death)
  7. Virus And Malware Related Issues.
  8. Other software related issues(Example printer installation, wireless network configuration etc.)


The above mentioned issues can easily be fixed by our years of expertise in the field of computer troubleshooting. All the software related issues faced by a user in a Hp computer can be diagnosed and fixed in a matter of few minutes. Our very own Hp technicians who have years of expertise can fix any software issues by their regressive  troubleshooting approach.


One of the other prominent selling electronics equipment from hp is hp printers. Hp printers are the most widely used printers across the globe. Hp printers are also the most selling printers in the world. Hp manufactures a wide variety of printer that come with a wide range of functionality and usage. Hp printers can be used as basic printer as well as a printer for printing huge industry level labels and posters. Hp printers were first launched as basic office based printers, but due to a surge in the usage of personal computers their usage also increased with time. So Hp launched various series of home use based printers that can be used very easily for any home based printing and copying. Later hp also launched a printers that can be used for scanning and faxing documents as well. Hp not only manufactures inkjet printers but  it also manufactures laserjet printers with wide range of applications.


Some of the famous Hp printers are:

  1. Hp Officejet
  2. Hp Designjet
  3. Hp Laserjet.
  4. Hp Envy
  5. Hp Deskjet


Hp printers are very easy to operate as the user interface is very simple and can be used by anyone with a basic knowledge of how to operate a printing machine. Hp printers are also used in wide range of application in and outside the home. There are several printers that are also used for printing out customers receipt, such printers are pocket sized printers and can be carried anywhere without much hassle.


Hp printers might require initial help for the initial setup with computers, cell phone and tablets. In such scenarios a user can call us for a basic Hp printer setup. Out technical will install Hp printer drivers and equip the printer with all the necessary software functionalities. Printers can occasionally face certain minor issues like: Printer Offline, printer not scanning, fax line not setup. In such cases a user can call us and take the help from our experienced technicians who can provide assistance in a quickest period of time. In case of any emergency issues with the printer we also provide in home pickup of the damaged hp printer.


Some of the basic issues encountered by a user while using Hp printers are:

  1. Hp printer Setup
  2. Hp printer offline
  3. Hp printer not scanning
  4. Hp printer not copying
  5. Hp printer not able to perform scan to email.
  6. Hp printer not able to perform double sided scanning
  7. Hp printer not able to perform double sided printing
  8. Hp printer showing printhead error.
  9. Hp printer showing print spooler error.
  10. Hp printer showing paper jam error
  11. Hp printer having issues with paper tray.


The above mentioned issues are the most widely encountered errors faced by users while using hp printers. These can readily be fixed with the help of our experienced support representatives. Our services are available 24*7, 365 days, so please feel free to call us on our toll free number for any printer and computer related issues. We are an independent technical support provider and we have no affiliation with any brand, as we are an independent brand on our own.